Why am I qualified?

I am an entrepreneur who has 10 years of experience importing, manufacturing overseas and selling online. I have worked for companies in their trade compliance, supply chain, and logistics departments.


Here’s a little about me!

I have a certificate in global trade and am APICS-certified in supply chain. My interest spans China, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, as well as import-export, supply chain, and e-commerce. In my freetime, I enjoy making YouTube video clips, riding bicycle, reading history, learning about Asia and attending cultural arts events and museums. I am originally from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota but, currently, based in Da Nang, Vietnam.

How I got started

Right out of college in the late 1990s, I spent two years teaching in China and learning Chinese. That led to pursuing a masters in Chinese studies from the University of Hawaii and Asia Pacific Leadership fellowship at the East-West Center. Ever since then, I haveĀ  been importing and manufacturing product in China and, recently, Vietnam. I am continuing to work with Chinese and Southeast Asian suppliers to source material, products, and supplies.